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Well, our story is very much a ‘right place at the right time’ tale. In 2019, our founder was dealing with unforeseen chronic pain and was searching for a non-prescription alternative to relieve their discomfort. With the help and guidance of wellness professionals, they discovered hemp and experienced the benefits of immediate relief. They launched True Harvest Hemp, LLC because they truly believe in the power of nature to instill harmony and balance in our lives, and this shines through with every product we offer.  

About Us

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Our Mission

Those at True Harvest Hemp, LLC passionately believe that there is the perfect HEMP out there for each individual.  However, not all HEMP is created equally.  In our quest to find the perfect bud, we have found that it takes time and energy…time that the average person doesn't have.  We have made it our mission to find quality hemp for every budget, and help introduce it in a stress-free online shopping experience.


We are now offering local deliveries...