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Updated: Apr 23, 2021


For all those DIYers out there that love the benefits of CBD oil, but rather make their own oil; or if you have access to an abundance of hemp flower, then making your own CBD oil makes sense!

It is really easy, just follow these steps...

Supplies needed:

  1. Hemp Flower

  2. MCT Oil

  3. Grinder

  4. Heating Plate

  5. Heat safe glass container (Mason Jar or Glass Beaker)

  6. Metal Utensil for stirring

  7. Fine Strainer

  8. Storage Container


1. Preheat your oven to approximately 260 degrees Fahrenheit

(I like anywhere between 260 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit.)

2. Take your 7 grams of measured flower, and grind it in your grinder. Manual or electric personal blender will work fine.

3. Put the ground flower in the mason jar, and put the lid on it.

4. Place the jar on its side on a baking rack in the oven, shake the ground flower until it is in a level layer in the jar.

5. Bake the ground flower for 1 hour, keeping the temperature between 250-280 degrees; stopping periodically to "burp" or in other words, open the jar slightly, then close jar and shake the flower up. Do this every 15 minutes for the complete hour.

6. Once the flower is fully decarboxylated (name of the process of heating the flower), then you can add the oil to the flower, and place it on the heating plate.

7. Heat it slightly for at least one hour, up to 4 hours; depends on your preference. Just keep the temp warm, but not too high because the flower is already decarbed. Just want it to heat it enough to make the mixture well blended. Stirring occasionally to make sure nothing is sticking to the bottom.

8. Once the oil is a nice dark green/brown, and you are satisfied with the mixture, then it is ready to strain. Use your strainer to separate the plant matter from the oil.

9. Store the oil in an airtight container in a dark place like the fridge. Doesn’t necessarily need refrigerated but as long as it doesn’t get too warm to avoid it going bad.

Now the oil is ready for whatever you want it for. You can use it for cooking, use it as a tincture or put it into capsules and take it orally.

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